Women, be careful of the way you talk

Published on: 2012-07-01 11:09:00 PM
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There are a few things that men dislike and that will turn them off. Ladies, avoid the following: Launching into a questionnaire. This is a date, not a job interview. Just don’t keep firing questions at him. And keep with non-threatening and not too personal questions. Let the conversation flow naturally. Being business like. Again, this is a date, not a business meeting. A relaxed attitude, some playfulness and a little flirtation go a long way to create the right ...

The first and foremost tip for dating

Published on: 2012-06-01 11:10:00 PM
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Smile! Smiling people are more engaging than others. We go more naturally toward people who smile at us. We open more to them. A smile sets a friendly tone to the rendezvous. It makes the tension go down a notch for you and your date. There is no better welcome than a heartfelt smile. Don’t ever underestimate its power.