For Men Only

Just between us…

Let’s be frank. Online services and blind dates? Those things are for guys with time on their hands. And that’s not you.

That’s why we’re offering you a service for you, the busy professional. This program is designed to speed things up a bit.

We will effectively screen for you, allowing you to be introduced to someone you think matches your criteria.  We’ll narrow the field, match criteria, and identify the right potential dates.   We get you to the table—you do the rest.

Because you asked for it, we are happy to offer the PayPerDate option.  Fill out the confidential contact form and we will get in touch with you.

You'll tell us about your criteria, understand where you may need some assistance, create a profile and we'll begin our work for you. 

Thank you for contacting It's A Match. <br> <br> You will be forwarded all the information you need to join. Be sure to complete all the information, scan and return to us by email. We wil get in touch with you once more to schedule a 20 minutes SKYPE or FACETIME interview.<br><br> Looking forward to get to know you,<br><br>


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Guys, we know it can be tough.

Women seem to be born with a sixth sense about what looks good and which fork goes with the fish course. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s because we are here to help. With the ‘best you’ in mind, we collaborate with the top professionals in a range of areas, who will work with you to polish your image from tip to toe. Whether it’s a wardrobe update, a new look or insight into modern dating etiquette, we help you put the pieces together.