A small sample

Take a look at a small sample of the singles we are matching.  This is not a full list.  They are successful, attractive, fit, well put together with discerning tastes and ready to meet that special person, right now. Are you ready to meet one of them?

 1545  Precise Level Female, 41, attractive, active, medical field  
 7581  Choice Level Male, 57, tall, loves the outdoors, legal field  
 5578  Choice Level Female, 29, attractive, wholesome, federal employee  
 1685  Choice Level Female, 29, petite, oriental, fun, enjoys traveling and family time Successfully Matched
 0358  Choice Level                   Female, 48, hard worker, soft spoken, banker  
 3978  Precise Level Male, 45, active, family values, consultant in private sector  
 0532  Choice Level Female, 58, grandmother, very attractive and active  
 1658  Choice Level Female, 48, successful, blonde and roller blades Successfully Matched
 1698  Choice Level Female, 46, recently separated, 2 older children, snowboarder Successfully Matched
 1606  Choice Level Female, 65, travelled the world, high energy and very attractive  
 8978  Choice Level Male, 36, manual worker, Successfully Matched
 7564  Choice Level Male, 42, very artistic, graphic designer, seriously looking  
 8490  Choice Level Female 33, fun, pretty and smart  
 9950  Choice Level Female, 29, French speaking, loves the country, government consultant  
 8422   Choice Level Male, 52, real estate, no children, likes to travel and cook  
 1397  Choice Level Male, 33, lawyer, no children, family values, genuinely sweet  
 4560  Choice Level Female, 47, banker, no children, sensitive and very lovable  
 6570  Choice Level Female, 63, works in sales, sensitive, very attractive, grown children  
 9540    Choice Level Female, 37, French speaking, government, slender and attractive  
 8570  Choice Level Female, 41, out of town, but worth the drive, lawyer, blonde, no children  
 8596   Choice Level Male, 32, just out of med school, a real catch and looking for someone serious  
 3690     Choice Level Female, 35, real estate, quite attractive, into fitness, looking seriously  
 8490  Choice Level Female, 42, legal, petite, very pleasant and attractive, has no children  
 4480  Choice Level Female, 48, successful, 2 children, love skiing and snowboarding  
 2790  Choice Level Female, 29, full of life, medical field, no children  
 3625  Choice Level Female, 45, quite accomplished and attractive, enjoys golf and is very active Successfully Matched
 4780  Choice Level Female, 37, new in town, slender, nice brown eyes, enjoy great conversations  
 4569  Choice Level Male, 52, attractive, a little overweight, executive, has been waiting for the right person Successfully Matched
 5656  Precise Level Woman, 66, exceptional woman, full of life, enjoys golf and traveling Successfully Matched
 8963  Choice Level Woman, 42, petite, lawyer, 2 daughters, willing to wait for the right person Successfully Matched
 3125  Choice Level Woman, 33, public servant, no children but would like some, very pretty  
 Choice Level
Male, 46, business owner, educated, a real sense of humour, 2 adult children Successfully Matched