You have questions. We have answers.

We all know it is hard enough to get together with the right date.  Knowing how to get to know that person, remain yourself, be attractive and stay on top of your game should be the number one priority.  

Why should I use a matchmaker?
Finding a partner is one of the most exhilarating experiences we can have. It uplifts you, adds brilliance to your days and romance to your nights.

Why leave it to chance? Be proactive and take charge.

We will help you discover what you really want in a partner. And we’ll personally screen every person, long before you meet.

Are you on an online company? is there someone actually doing the matches?
Yes there is a real person, a matchmaker who reviews your criteria against a potential match for you.  We use online technology but we have not lost that personal touch.  We are an Ottawa company located in the Westboro village serving Ottawa / Gatineau singles. We have been helping people discover new relationships since 2011.

How many quality dates can I expect?
We aim for a match a month.  Maybe more, maybe less.  However, these are tricky to predict and we cannot guarantee this.

I have a public profile and reputation. Will that be protected?
Unlike online dating, where your profile can be viewed or potentially recognized by friends, family or colleagues -- our process is discrete and secure.  The final decision of whom you meet is always left to you.  There is no awkwardness or embarrassment. Just like you our clients are commitment-minded people, looking for a relationship. We share pictures on an as needed basis.  We do not share pictures on line.

Why do I feel I am wasting my time online?

Anyone who has experienced online dating have repeated horror stories about finding the "perfect" someone, only to find out that people misrepresent their appearance, their occupation and even create false profiles.  In fact, stats tell us that around 50 percent of people signed up for online dating are already married or in a committed relationship...

At It's a Match we talk to everyone, you can be sure that the people you will meet are real and seriously looking to find a potential partner.  We conduct Skype and FaceTime interviews and we get to know each one of your candidates.

What are the specific services you offer?
We specialize in getting you ready, inside out to meet the right person.  It is our role to clearly understand what you are looking for and we will search on your behalf, to have you meet the right person.
We love working with singles that are committed to finding their match. 
We also put together public events where singles can mingle and meet other singles.
How do you find potential matches?
Think of us as an executive headhunter specializing in romantic relationships. Once we know what you’re looking for, we review our database of singles and contact you with a possible match.   

How do you protect my privacy?
We are known to be tight lipped around disclosing confidential information. 

How are introductions made?
Once we find a potential match, client profiles are exchanged. Each candidate decides if they wish to proceed with the introduction.  There is no obligation to proceed with any introduction.  You can accept or decline.  When both accept, the male client initiates contact and a mutually desirable spot for an introduction is arranged. We like to keep things simple!

How will you communicate with me?
Our preference is to communicate by email.  The exception to this is when we conduct our initial interview on Skype or FaceTime.  Also, consultation sessions are always face to face and are held on Richmond Road in Westboro.  We also issue a newsletter, loaded with good stuff, that will also be sent via email.

Will you provide monthly update?
Because of the high number of candidates we are working with, we cannot contact you to provide you with a monthly update.  You will be contacted when we have a potential introduction that is suitable for you. That is what we enjoy most!

How does your fee structure work?
Because we listened to you, the singles, we offer a very affordable PayPerDate option.  This means you pay a base fee to join and you pay when you accept an introduction.  We work for you as long as you think we are deserving of your business.  There are no strings attached and there is no obligation for you to proceed with an introduction.  We'll be happy to give you more information when you get in touch with us.

Which methods of payment you accept?
We accept Master Card, VISA and interac transfers.  If you are paying through e-transfer, our email address is

Do you guarantee I’ll find my match?
As experienced matchmakers, we know that no one can guarantee love. We cannot neither guarantee how many people you'll meet.  However, we guarantee that we will put our best foot forward to get you ready, search for you and introduce you to quality singles.

Do you offer refunds?
No, we do not offer refunds.  We are dealing with matters of the hearts, they are impossible to guarantee or predict. As a single person, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone will be a match.  Understanding this will give you confidence. That confidence will show and will make you more attractive to other singles.   

Ok, sounds good, what do I need to do to join?
Simply complete the form and we will forward you the details. You will be required to complete the info, include two good pictures of yourself and email it back to us. We'll take it from there.