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Since 2014, I have provided one-on-one coaching services for those who

want to find a clear path forward in the areas of dating and once in for all, experiencing a meaningful connection that lasts.   To those who are tired of flying blind in the world of online dating, to those who feel they are getting nowhere and to those feeling they are wasting precious years,I understand your frustration.  


My clients understand that something needs to change and are eager to move on positively with a specific path forward.  The work that I I propose to is both transformative and totally on point.  

My practical and common sense online coaching is offered through

video conferencing as well as private live chat, messaging,

email and phone conversations.

A sample of what I teach: 

- Why you are not attracting the person you deserve

- Taking a close look at the impression you give 

- Invaluable information to let go of the confusion and help you shift.  



- Step by step plan to attract without settling -

- How to ask for what you want without seeming insecure or needy - 

- Game changing approach: Top 5 must-have qualities - 

- Leaning back and waiting for the other to chase you is not the way to attract another person - 

- Make yourself irresistible at all levels. Develop your self confidence once in for all -

I mean what I say that yes....the work is can be challenging but is 100% worth it

Coaching that works.

have been there and something had to change.  "I" had to change.  

  • Are you kind, attractive, intelligent but still single?

  • Do you feel you are wasting time in relationships that are unfulfilling?

  • Tired of dummying down your interactions with some singles or feeling you need to pretend to be someone you are not?

  • Flying blind?

  • Tired of the mind games?

  • Finding online dating awful?

  • Handling conflict poorly?

  • Bad at reading emotional clues?

  • Not sure you are making a good impression on dates?

  • do you fear you do not understand the opposite sex?

Don't settle for less than you deserve.​

I speak from personal experience when I say that I understand the dynamics of personal attraction and I have developed a methodology to transform those learnings into the insights and actions my clients can use to move forward with greater awareness and grace.


Everyone is deserving of happiness.  It may be time to enter into a high quality relationship and share a profound connection.


Do the work and redraw the path of your love life.


Since 2012,  

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In 2014, I established It's a Match as a matchmaking service for professionals who either had no luck finding healthy relationship partners on public-facing dating services such as Plenty of Fish, or eHarmony, or chose not to expose themselves on public-facing dating sites.  Some had faced years of challenges in finding the right match while others were recently single after many years in a long-term relationship.


What I noticed is that many of my clients were simply not equipped nor prepared to meet the right person and this was hindering their progress, leaving them discouraged and disheartened. This revelation changed my focus.  Instead of orchestrating dates, I could provide a more valuable service by guiding my clients to understand what kinds of changes they could make in their own life in order to attract the best kind of partner with which to share life's experiences.  This is the focus of my coaching practice, delivered in either English or French.

Could we be a match? Contact me to explore the possibility of a productive coaching relationship.

Marie-Claude Quessy
MC Quessy of Its a Match
Moving out into the world again

In their own words

"For some years now I  have focused so much on my education in medicine that I never got around to  dating.  In fact I have never dated a woman.  Where do I start? I cannot see myself posting a public profile on a dating app."

Professional male, age 38, never married. 

I have pressed the "reset" button and we took it from the start with a fresh and honest look at him and what that meant to him to have a suitable partner.  The whole concept of sharing a life with another human being was re-examined.

"I gave everything to this marriage. 


My ex criticized me a lot.


I should be happy to be free to date but i find the idea of meeting new women challenging."

Male, age 57, married 28 years now divorced.  

Has met his match.

I helped him understand that the past cannot be rewritten and that everyone is deserving of a second chance at happiness.  I saw an amazing man that simply needed some honestly and needed to be understood.

"The fear of being rejected once more is holding me back. I just can't take it anymore.  I would welcome a brand new healthy relationship but too many things from past romances have been left unresolved."

Female, age 57, married, divorced, single for 12 years. Now in a meaningful relationship

She knew that she was meant to have a true loving relationship but thought that "Oh I never met the right guy."That was only part of the story.  A lot of work on herself needed to be done to get to a point where she was actually attracting the right guy.

"I know how to manipulate men into sex and short term relationships.   I am a pro at this. However fun at the moment, that leaves me feeling empty, lonely and bored. I want more and I feel clueless."

Young professional female, age 27, never married.  

Now in a solid relationship.

A "reset" was in order to pause and rethink what she wanted and had to offer.  And also her view of men was distorted due to years of being in bad relationships. She did the work and we actually had a lot of fun doing so. 

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