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Relationship help and advice

About Marie-Claude Quessy (known as MC)

MC's approach is non-judgemental as she has coached many individuals throughout 8 years experience in the matchmaking industry. She operates her firm based on solid core values of respect and freedom.

More about MC's approach

MC has an intuitive understanding and a grounding presence. She works with individuals, usually over 40 years old who are serious about the process of overcoming challenges, guiding and empowering her clients to reach towards deeper emotional connections. Working with both genders, she believes that everyone has the potential for growth and confidence. Genuine, approachable and yet frank, she understands and imparts her wisdom about what is needed to build healthy relationships. MC is entirely bilingual (French and English).

MC constantly researches dating and relationship dynamics. Over the years she has developed an extensive collection of research papers, worksheets and articles,


Send MC a message, check out the FAQ pages or book a session now to move forward with your relationship challenges.

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